Saturday, May 17, 2008

Playing catch-up--Congratulations Part 1

I have been so terribly delinquent on blogging. And, honestly, I think that the main culprit has been Twitter. Those quick 140-character updates make it very easy to feel like you are connecting with people.

So, I'm going to be trying to play catch-up for the next few entries.
A lot of GREAT things have been happening in the Department of Telecommunications that I want to recognize.

First, I am very pleased to report that both my colleague Mark Deuze and I received tenure and promotion to Associate Professor! This is a long process...that I have blogged about here and here. I am glad to have it behind me. And, it feels better EVERY DAY.

Secondly, as I have mentioned many times before, our department has extremely talented students. And, in April at the Multivisions conference, we recognized nine of them with departmental scholarships.

So, again, with apologies for being more than a month late...congratulations all:

Bannerman Award-- Thomas W. Wilson
Brewer Award-- Seth Tober
Chairman’s Award-- Mathew Bregger
Darragh Award -- Xiaofei Wang
Johnson Scholarship -- Craig Shank
Norvelle Scholarship-- Alison McMillan
Shull Scholarship--Mary Cho & Allison Conway
Murphy Award--Jessica Moore

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