Saturday, August 25, 2007

Catch-up Catch-up

Almost 2 weeks since the last post. Lots has happened. I've finished up my tenure dossier...a little thing that encapsulates the work of the last 10 years. That took a little bit of time, and I keep pretty good records! Now the full faculty of The Department meet to discuss my case and vote whether to send it up the line to the next level. It's out of my hands now...I'll keep you updated as things go along.

Also I've been preparing for a new semester. Two classes this semester:

T344--Programming Strategies
T511--Research Methods in Audience Analysis

Looking forward to both of them. And, even though I've taught them before, they took time to prepare. Especially since the graduate one is meeting only once a week this semester...and the last time I taught it we met twice a week. Had to shrink everything into have the days.

And, there was a dissertation that I had to read, written by Zheng Wang who is going to join the faculty of Ohio State University. The dissertation was terrific, but as it was dealing with mathematical models of channel-changing behaviors and physiological reactions to media, it was not an easy read. But, the results were very exciting and I would expect to see MANY MANY pieces of research in top-tier journals in years to come. Congratulations to Dr. Wang.

And, last week was orientation week for new graduate students. Always an exciting time, filled with new possibilities. One of the things we do during orientation week is hold Area of Interest Meetings (AIMs). I was involved in one that was actually just a tour of the ICR, and one on the cognitive processing of media (which also included professors Fox, Grabe & Lang).

Another one I was a part of was the All Things Audio meeting. Often, in departments such as this, you are lucky to have even a single faculty member interested in audio issues. Most production AND research people focus primarily on the visual. But, our department is FORTUNATE to have three faculty members who are interested in sound/audio/music in some form or another. Andrew Bucksbarg, Norb Hebert and I hosted the group of students who are also interested in audio in their own ways. It was a blast.

But, busy.

Here's a link to a fascinating site that I actually got from the All Things Audio AIM. You should check it out:

peter chilvers generative music site

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