Sunday, February 24, 2008

Twitter--Not sure about it, but it pays off with a new website

After almost a year of planting little bugs in my ear by friends and the occassional student I have spent this weekend exploring and playing around with TWITTER.

This still seems to be like some sort of terrible, addictive drug for someone who tends to obsess about stuff anyway...and I'm not quite sure I'll stick with it for the long term. of the things that happened is I was very quickly being "followed" by people I don't even know. It sounds pretty ominous when I put it that way...and it seems pretty harmless (as long as I don't release too many specific details.)

Anyway, I digress...although I think I'll eventually just purge the darn program from my desktop, it one of the people that started "following" me visited my website ( and happened to send me a nice note saying that my research looks interesting.

So, being nice, I figured I should go visit this guy's website and be able to comment on it in my reply. While there, I found this terrific website:

I have only started poking around there...but it seems fabulous for all those interested in audio.

Check it out.


amakice said...

I like twitter because it doesn't result in me hanging around the computer more than usual- I can do a quick check and get a feel for what my friends (far and near) have been doing. I can tell how much sleep Kevin has had too, by his tweets. Hope you stay a while in the twitterverse!

Anonymous said...

another great site similar to freesound is
well worth checking out!