Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Long time comin'

I've been quiet for awhile. A couple of reasons. The first is because I've been working on revising a paper that I've been writing with Francesca Dillmann-Carpentier for a long time. And I mean a LONG TIME.

It's a paper about the impact of tempo and genre of music on physiological arousal. As always, it's a much better paper after we responded to the criticism and concerns of the reviewers. took a long time. It's back in there hands, now. We'll wait and see if they like the improvements we've made.

Although I've gotten better at it...I have never been good a just "writing a little bit here and there, whenever I have a chance." So, toward the end of the revision kind of monopolized all my time.

Antoher thing that took up some time is that I was called to JURY DUTY on Tuesday! I was "on call" all month. I'd have to call every night and see if they needed me. Juror 729. It was almost the end of the month...and then my number came up. I went into the justice building at 8am.

Went through the voir dire process and then about 3 hours later I...wasn't selected as one of the six. Although I'm glad to have seen the process, and reminded of how great a country we live in...flaws and all, that 3 hours set me quite far behind on other stuff.

One of the things I had to catch up on was reading Seungjo Lee's dissertation! Congratulations to Seungjo Lee, Ph.D.!!! He applied motivation activation to discrete emotion processing. It was a very impressive document...and you should be looking for excerpts from it at conferences to come!

I'm also now behind the 8-ball with lots of work on a grant application that's due March 8!

So, might be a while before I check back in again.

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