Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Getting ready for ICA in NYC

Well, last minute progress is being made on teh ICA papers and such. Three of the four that I'll be presenting are mostly wrapped up. All my presentations are on Friday afternoon, in the same session. I've been jokingly telling people that ICA hoped to limit the damage I could do by putting me in the same room at the same time on one day!

Yesterday I finished the posters for three of the papers. I'm glad that my presentations will be part of what is called a "high density session." That's where each author gets only 5-minutes to talk about their study. Then, the remainder of the time the authors (usually there are 8 studies in all at a HDS) stand by posters explaining their work and those interested in each particular study can interact with the researchers. Sure is a good way to generate ideas and discussion with people interested in your work. Rather than the typical conference presentation setup where you have to sit through 15-minute presentations of papers you're not really interested in just to get to the one talk you want to hear. Not that those other papers are bad (well, soemtimes they are), it's just that you're not interested in them.

Anyway, today I have one last project to finalize (both finish the paper AND create the poster).

For now, I thought you may like to see the posters...

Okay, so I'm getting ready to upload those posters so you can take alook at them. . .and I can't FIND one of them. I'm hoping that I saved it to the server rather than my hard drive. I'll have to wait and check once I get to the office. Holy cow, the day just became much busier!

So, here are the two that I can still find.
And, they are ones I didn't even create. . .just edited.
The one I worked on all day yesterday, I can't find! GRRRRRR.

Well, here's one showing that tempo in music impacts physiological arousal. I worked on it with Francesca Carpentier when we were both at Alabama.

And, here's the one from Sungkyoung's emotional words paper.

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