Monday, February 19, 2007

Grammy Red Carpet Humor

One of the best things about being a professor is when favorite students keep in touch after they graduate.

When I was on the faculty at the Telecommunications and Film Dept. at the University of Alabama, I was also the faculty advisor for the student radio station, WVUA-FM.

In that role, I met Demitri Ravanos. He was the promotions director for the station...and eventually took Audience Analysis and Marketing & Promotions with me. He has kept in touch since he graduated...and since I moved to IU.

He's a part of a morning show (#1 in the male demo...or so he claims) at 96 Rock in Raleigh NC. I appreciate his emails keeping me--and other 'Bama friends--updated on what he's doing in his life and his career.

Now, the other's the email he sent us:

Howdy friends,

Today I want to share with you the hilarity of Rhett and Link. These
are two college students from Raleigh that we sent to the Grammys in
LA to be 96 Rock's official correspondents. All we provided were
plane tickets and a hotel room. Everything they did on ther own.

I whole-heartedly believe that these guys have the talent and
motivation to be famous for what they do. I hope Conan, Letterman, or
the Daily Show see this and give these guys a break. Enjoy their grammy video:

Go check it out!

I couldn't agree more.
My favorite part...the look on Al Jarreau's face.

Let me know what your favorite part was.

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