Friday, May 30, 2008

The Congrats Keep Comin'--This time, grad students

The graduate students have been busy in the Department of Telecommunications over the past semester as well. Let's start with research. Congratuations to Sungkyoung Lee who is the first member of the ICR to collect and present research data using the fMRI. She was able to conduct an experiment looking at how the brain responds to either real-life celebrity faces, or faces of animals, or faces of animated people or animated animals (from Disney cartoons, for example). Here is a picture of her presenting to her poster at the Indiana Neuroimaging Symposium in late April:

If you would like a copy of her poster email me and I'll pass it on to you.

Secondly, congratulations to Spencer Stuart and the entire group of graduate students involved in GameZombie.TV. I've blogged on GZ before when it first got started. But, it has gotten bigger and better. has earned a Webby Award. The equivalent of the Academy Awards of the internet, apparently. Here's the official IU press release and a link to a related story in the Bloomington Herald-Times.

Grad students in Telecommunications at IU are given freedom to design their own programs around their own interests...and the results can be astounding.

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