Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Check out Game Zombie TV

I promised to write this blog MONTHS ago. Over 3 months ago, to be exact. That's when a group of entrepreneurial students from the MIME program at IU-Telecomm returned from the Game Developers Conference with a dream of developing a computer/MU/video game review website. Actually, I suppose they had the dream prior to attending the conference because they came back armed with video of sessions and interviews of big names in the game world.

Since they have been back they have been busy keeping journals (although not a lot of them lately) and reviews of games. The reviews have been posted more recently and, although they have a little rougher language than I like...I realize I'm not in the target demographic.

If you like games you may want to add GameZombie.tv to your list of regularly surded sites.

And, if you are considering grad school...maybe you should consider a place where the atmosphere encourages following your passions in the same way these students have...check out IU's Dept. of Telecommunication. Read about our Mission and Culture and feel free to contact either Betsi Grabe the Director of Graduate Students...or send me an email.

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SPENCER said...

Thanks for the shout out, Dr. Potter--you rock!!! SS