Thursday, July 05, 2007

Life Changes on 4th of July

So, in all honesty I saw it coming.

My wife, kids, and I took a drive on the 4th of July.

We were just going to drive down through the city of Frenck Lick .

You know, just get out and have a nice drive...

Oh, and my wife just happened to come across a website for a dog breeder of a breed that we (okay...I mean she...and the kids....) have been interested in. The breed is the Goldendoodle.

Yes, that's right...the Goldendoodle.

Not a very macho name for a breed.

A friend of mine said it sounded like an Austin Powers movie.

But, we went. We saw the several puppies they had available...and I knew I was toast.

After taking time for a casino...what a great dad, huh?...

Allow me to introduce Darcy:


Canine Crusader said...

Another father succumbs?

Vive la résistance, man. Vive la résistance!

Bean said...

Welcome home Darci.
There must have been something in the air. I got my black Goldendoodle on July 3rd!
I will be training her as a service dog and I have been searching for others that are blogging about their Goldendoodles in hope of gaining some tips and maybe a giggle or two.

Tanya L. said...

She is so cute!!!!

Adina said...

Darcy is adorable. Since you just went along with it and weren't at the forefront of the doodle purchase ;-) send your wife to -- a GREAT website for crazy doodle people like her =) (and mayyyybe you now?)