Friday, July 13, 2007

ICR student gets published

In the IU Dept. of Telecommunications there is a graduate course called T540. It is an "independent study" course designed to allow students to get course credit for either doing in-depth literature review in an area of personal interest or to perhaps conduct original research. In order to sign up for such a course the student must find a faculty member to supervise this. It can be a big time commitment for the faculty member, as often the study turns out to be much less "independent" as hoped for.

That was not the case with doctoral candidate James Angelini (read his blog here), who did a T540 under my supervision about a year ago...or maybe it was even two years ago...the days just all merge together really...Anyway, as you can tell from his blog title, James is interested in gender-issues and the psychological constructs of gender as they are perpetuated by the media. He is also interested in sports broadcasts. He combined the two interests into a programatic series of studies, of which the T540 project was an early piece. Last week, James was kind enough to tell me that the study I helped him with was published in the journal Sex Roles. You may be able to access it here. Or, it's possible that I have access to that link due to my IU server account. In which case, you should look for it soon on the journal's website.

Congratulations to James. Good work.

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