Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Korean Adventure--Day 1

Well I'm only a handful of hours before I depart from Indianapolis to begin my trip to Kyungsung University in Busan. I'm pretty excited about the adventure and will try to keep you all up to date here via TAPblog.

One thing that makes me sad, though, is that because I won't return before the end of the month, I had to say some early goodbyes to graduate students in the ICR who are moving onto new adventures of their own.

Last night as I left the lab I bid farewell to James Angelini, who will begin his new position as a visiting professor at University of Delaware. Also I said best of luck to Gayle Nadorff. Gayle has been working tremendously hard this month collecting her dissertation data before going off to a post-doc position at University of Connecticut. She's run almost 75 subjects in 30 days, I believe. Incredible.

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Nikolas said...

Congrats Dr. Potter! Korea is so beautiful! Make sure you eat a lot of Korean bbq! The short ribs/Bulgogi are my favorite!