Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Another big year for IU Telecom @ ICA

IU Dept. of Telecommunications Research Accepted for Presentation at International Communications Association Annual Meeting in San Francisco, May 24-28.

Betsi Grabe receives Top Faculty Paper Award in Visual Studies Division.

Faculty and graduate student work includes 19 papers spanning 6 divisions.

Information Systems Division

James Angelini-- Remembering the typical or the atypical? An examination of memory of gendered sports broadcasts.

Julie Fox, Volkan Sahin, Ashley Sanders-Jackson, Brian Wilson, Glory Koloen & Ya Gao--

No joke: A motivated cognition study of viewing The Daily Show and network TV news.

Betsi Grabe, Rasha Kamhawi & Narine Yegiyan-- Informing citizens: How people with different levels of education process television, newspapers, and web news.

Satoko Kurita, Sungkyoung Lee, P. Gayle Nadorff, & Annie Lang-- YO-MAM! Validating a measure for assessing individual differences in motivational activation in children.

Satoko Kurita, Robert F. Potter & Annie Lang-- Is shorter better? MiniMAM: Developing a short version of the Motivation Activation Measure.

Sungkyoung Lee & Robert F. Potter-- Effect of emotion in processing words presented in radio advertisements.

P. Gayle Nadorff, Sungkyoung Lee, Madhuja Banerjee, & Annie Lang-- The human face specificity for visual processing of human and human-like animal cartoons.

Robert F. Potter & Sojung Kim--Does priming a focus on advertising impact perceptions of increased commercial clutter?

Zheng Wang--The method is the message: Dynamic signal detection theory and its use in analyzing recognition memory of mediated information.

Law & Policy Division

Sung Wook Ji--Piracy impact on the theatrical movie industry.

Jung Seok Kang--Institutional determinants of the structure of the daily newspaper industry: A cross-country study.

Mike McGregor-- Unheard voices: Public comment and FCC policy making.

Mass Communications Division

Walter Gantz & Nancy Schwartz--Food advertising likely to be seen by children: Incorporating viewing patterns in content analyses of non-programming content.

Walter Gantz & Zheng Wang--Health content in local television news: A current appraisal

Betsi Grabe-- Presenting panelist on session Future Directions in Television News Research.

Rasha Kamhawi & Betsi Grabe--Why women are not watching: Gender differences in responding to negative, positive, and valence ambiguous TV news.

Political Communications Division

Jung Seok Kang--Economics of newspapers’ presidential endorsement decisions: Evidence for endogenous product-type choices of media firms.

Visual Studies Division

Betsi Grabe-- The liberal bias accusation against journalism: Contradictory evidence from a visual perspective. (Top Paper Award)

Conference Theme Session

Mark Deuze--Presenting panelist on the conference-wide theme session Creating Communication: Content, Control, Critique.


Allison said...

Hi Rob!
It's Allison Eden - we met last year when I visited IU. It looks like we will be on an info systems panel together in May. I am looking forward to it! See you soon!

Mad Scientist said...

When you are Vice Chair of Information Systems you'll get to program the 5 zillion papers submitted from your lab:)

Samuel D. Bradley said...

Which is more impressive? The number of papers or you taking the time to list them?