Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Go Colts! Some quick reflections on Super Bowl 41

It's been a couple of good years for me in the Super Bowl arena.
Last year it was two of my favorite teams going head to head, and I couldn't lose.
It would either be the Seahawks or the Steelers. (Of course, the team of my birthplace won!)

And now...this year, my HOMETOWN TEAM won.

Congratulations to the Indianapolis Colts!

Like many in Bloomington, we congregated around a neighbor's big screen TV.
Nothing like watching men kiss each other unwittengly due to their craving of a Snickers Bar on a 54-inch screen...and then rip out chest hair. Actually, I thought it was a bad year for creativity in the ads. See them all here. But, I digress...

The games was, of course, a ratings boon for midwest TV stations and across the country.

In single-digit temperatures last night, the team was welcomed back to Indy with a congratulatory parade.

Happy for Peyton Manning and for Tony Dungy...

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