Thursday, March 02, 2006

Okay, Okay, O! K!

I'm very glad that people check in with The Audio Prof every once in awhile. I must admit that there are other colleagues' blogs that I check out every morning--and I'm disappointed when they don't add new content. So, I can empathize with those who have not taken very well to my recent LONG bouts of silence.

The excuse that I'm giving myself is that I've been very swamped with TEACHING this semester so far. You see, I was scheduled to teach a first 8-week course. The students love it because they can either take a second 8-week course and thereby get as many as 18 credit hours in a single semester...or they just have the second half of the spring to go to the lake!!

The time off at the end of the semester will be much welcomed by me, too.
But the teaching load for these first 8-weeks has pretty much prevented me from doing ANY research of substance. I've got GREAT graduate students who have been working on projects--more about that later, I'm afraid. But to cram a whole 15-weeks' worth of content into half the time has been a challenge. Plus, the course met twice a week from 2:30-5:15. Talk about a black hole of time!

But, now it will be soon coming to a close. In fact, I'm posting this while waiting for the last two students to finish the final. Then, I can hopefuly get back into the research lab!

So, thanks for checking....thanks for being patient. More later.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say thanks for a great class Dr. Potter! I really enjoyed it! - Nik Traxler

IUAngelini said...

Woo hoo! He's alive!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Potter.