Monday, February 06, 2006

Congratulations all around

First, let me start off by sharing an email I sent to the faculty and grad students of the IU Dept. of Telecommuncations

Thanks to those who emailed me about their ICA acceptances.

The unofficial count is 34 papers accepted for the conference!

Selected topics/title (to give you an idea of breadth…don’t feel bad if you’re not listed J):

Low Power FM and the Role of Nonprofit Media in Society
Interactivity, Emotion, and the Moderating Role of Internet Self-Efficacy
The Contributions and Challenges of Documentary Video Production in Academia
Personality Types and TV Genre Preferences
Predicting Use and Arousal in Response to Web Pornography
Gender differences in emotional reactions to sports programming
The effects of doubling the number of commercial units while keeping overall pod length constant
The impact of video and audio information density on cognitive resource availability
How American television portrays people with a mental illness and those who care for them
The effects gender difference on the concept of presence
The interactive effects of message structural complexity and claim effectiveness on the processing of health messages

Divisions in which IU-telecomm will be represented include: Information Systems, Health Comm, Communication and Technology, Mass Comm, Visual Comm, and Feminist Scholarship.

Outstanding job! As usual, we had a very strong showing by graduate students…several had multiple FIRST AUTHORED papers.

Makes you proud to be here, doesn’t it!

So, congratulations to all the faculty members and grad students who continue to pursue knowledge creation about telecommunication issues.

And, of course, congratulations to the Pittsburgh Steelers, winners of Super Bowl XL:


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whoa that is awesome so many papers were expected!!! very excellent. i am curious who all made it