Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Too long

It's been too long (since MLK Day, for goodness sake) since I've updated this. My time has been incredibly precious these days--working with Annie Lang on getting a grant application written and submitted by the deadline of February 23rd. It's coming along, but sucks up all the available blog time.

I'm also working on the Graduate Admission Committee for the department. It is such an honor to read the applications of the promising scholars and artists who apply for admission to our program. Not all are suited for grad school, but it is a task that I really enjoy.

Back to it.


sungkyoung said...

it has been a long time for me to stop by your blog, too!
but I don't have the deadline submitting grant and grduate admission work. What am I doing? why am I so busy? :(

Todd Chambers said...


You are being too modest....everyone knows you are probably working on multiple grants and other projects! You are the man!

rock on