Monday, January 30, 2006

Tidying up loose ends

Today we begin the last bit of data collection for an extended-abstract which was accepted at ICA. That's the trouble with doing extened abstracts...if they get accepted, then you have to do the work! We are completing what's called a cloze procedure on radio scripts. The analysis of that data will provide an indication of how much information each word provides. We are testing a hypothesis that the greater the information level of the individual word the greater the arousal levels while processing it. The physiology has already been collected (from Sungkyoung's thesis) and now we just need subjects to fill-in-the-blanks for the cloze procedures.

Of course, just like the first data collection day for any experiment, more to do than there is time for. Which is a shame because I need to read the latest draft of Sungkyoung's thesis, too! :)

Just 6 days until my dream superbowl!

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Rob Sr. said...

Hi Rob! Just logged on for first time. Fun to get details on what's going on in your faculty life! Only two days to your Dream Superbowl! Talk to you on Sunday!