Saturday, November 05, 2005

Still running and denial

I'm in the radio programming unit of my Programming Strategies class. Just today I presented a sample music test--a mixture of an AMT (since we're in the classroom) and a call-out (because I use current hooks). Now I have one of my graduate students crunching the numbers and we'll do a rotation/music research exercise in class on Wednesday.
Click here to see the exercise from last year.

It's always a fun part of the semester for me, as I remember my last job as APD/MD at KZZU in Spokane (a station that officially no longer exists as a CHR/Pop any longer--as of a new PD and format switch about a month ago.

However, as I usually do this time of the semester, too, I asked my students something like "How many of you enjoy listening to new, current music. . .of whatever format. . .but never listen to the radio?"

I can't believe how many hands shoot up semester after semester. There are those who use peer-to-peer, of course. Those who stream over the Web or with Rhapsody or whatever. But, they don't listen. Or at least don't listen regularly.

And still. . .here's the industry's response in a recent Ad Age article.

And, in today's R&R.

Of course, the quotes in both articles are important. It is important to move Arbitron beyond the antiquated diary system it uses to collect listener data. And radio PDs should, perhaps, be more concerned with ipods (and now video-ipods) than with XM or Sirius. But they better keep their eyes on these two in the rear-view mirror as well!!

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drdon said...

Interesting. Yet hard to predict. I used to (20 years ago) have a radio in the kitchen, the bathroom, and a transistor one I could carry around outside. I love radio - even the ads! But for some reason, the only time I listen to it anymore is in the car. Am I typical? Don't know. My kids listen and it makes me wonder/hope that the traditional media will remain viable.