Saturday, November 05, 2005

ICA finished, and my family visits

Well, all the ICA rush is over. At 10:57---with trembling fingers!!!---I posted the final paper to their online submission site on November 1. As time goes on and I decompress a little bit I'll update the blog on some of the results that we found and such. But, now I need to turn my attention to all the things that I put off in order to focus on ICA! Always happens. And, in fact I can garauntee that about 6 weeks prior to the ICA deadline we'll bring up in lab meeting how good it would be to begin working on/writing/ the papers NOW rather than waiting until the last minute. Sounds good...never happens.

One nice way to enjoy the post-ICA time was having my dad and stepmom come visit the family. The weather remained gorgeous and they got a chance to see some of the beautiful fall color that I gave you all a taste of a few days agod. Plus, dad, Sally (my stepmom) and my daughter went to the IU-Minnesota game today. Pictures for that are below.

Tomorrow, gotta focus on getting my teaching lined up for the week. And it's time to begin thinking about writing for publication again--rather than just for conference papers.

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