Sunday, November 13, 2005

Mt. Vernon Illinois

I'm in the lobby of a Drury Inn in Mt. Vernon, Illinois. Why Mt. Vernon? It's half-way between my home in Bloomington and my friend Paul's home in Columbia, Missouri. For four years now we've been contemplating writing a book together. We've even been talking to a publishing representative, Linda Bathgate from Erlbaum for at least that long, who is interested in seeing a proposal. She has been tremendously patient with us as we so far have been VERY SLOW. Of course, we both have changed jobs, moved, and I've had two kids in that time.

So, after four years of trying to create a proposal and work over it via email--which was a dismal failure--my wife came up with this brillian "meet in the middle" idea. And it has been very successful. . .we now have a propsal about a little more than half completed. And, it's now a project I'm excited about again. I'm taking a little break from working on it right now and thought I'd let everyone out there know what I've been up to.

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