Sunday, December 28, 2008

Congratulations to two IU T'comm Alumni

Yes, Yes, Yes, it's been more than one month since my last posting.

I have no real excuse...other than perhaps trying to wrap up a busy semester and get all the loose ends tied up before going away on my first true vacation in almost 15 years.

And, you'll realize why I didn't blog from vacation when you see what else I had to stare at besides a computer screen:

This was the view from my lounge chair at Secrets Capri. My wife and I celebrated ny sucessful tenure decision and (more importantly) our 15th wedding anniversary with a vacation without kids. My mother-in-law came to watch ours...and Secrets is an adult resort which allowed for lots of relaxation.

But, now I'm back and trying to be recommitted to periodic postings on The Audioprof blog.

And, we'll start back at it with one of the primary reasons I started this blog: to brag on Indiana University's Dept. of Telecommunications...its students, faculty, and alumni.

Today, a rousing hooray to two alumni. First, IU PhD. Sam Bradley. If memory serves, Sam was initially inspired by The Audioprof blog three years ago and launched his Communication & Cognition blog. But recently, he has really taken it to the next level with incredibly relevant content and a brand new design. You should really check it out if you never have. And, if you were a regular visitor note the new address for the Communication & Cognition Blog.

And secondly, I am tremendously impressed by IU Telecom alum Brad Holtz. Brad is the Program Director of WTTS-FM. It is an Album Adult Alternative (AAA) station located in Bloomington but broadcasting into the Indianapolis market. I have know what a great PD Brad is from the two class visits he's made to my T344 course. I blogged about one of them here.

But, now he's been nationally recognized by a trade magazine, FMQB.
Holtz has been selected as this year's Program Director of the Year for the AAA format!
See the award announcement on this page at FMQB (scroll to the bottom).

Congrats to you both, thanks for doing IU-T'comm proud!

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