Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mommy, it's Saturday, can we watch an infomercial

Those of you who are like me can remember how much you liked Saturdays...what my kids now affectionately refer to as one of the "stay at home days."

One of the great things about Saturdays was flopping down in front of morning cartoons while eating Honey Comb cereal right outta the box.

Those days are over.
Financial woes are partly to blame, as are cable networks like Cartoon Network...but here's a story about Fox's decision to scrap Saturday morning cartoons for...infomercials.

Of course...this will grab headlines (like the title of my posting...only read by many more people). But, in reality, this may in fact result in better kids programming on Saturday mornings on Fox affiliates.

If you read the whole Variety article I link to above, you'll see that local affils are trying to find places to air their required E/I (educational/informational) programming. Saturday mornings used to be out because the network had that time all programmed nationally. Now, it seems the affils will be able to at least opt out of airing the informercials in favor of their own E/I fare.

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