Friday, February 22, 2008

A Training Session on Media Lab

The weather was terrible. Ice pellets over about an inch of snow. I've never been a fan of creme brulle, but that's what walking on this stuff reminded me of. Even worse, though, was walking on the shovelled walks and plowed streets.

But, that wasn't enough to keep eight grad students from showing up for a tutorial on two great programs we use in the ICR--called Media Lab and Direct RT.

The ICR has a great set of grad students. Since I've been here, there has been a great tradition of the more senior ones teaching the newer ones about the research culture in the lab along with the software and hardware applications. While a lot of that takes place informally, we also periodically have more formal tutorials. Today, even with the bad weather, Sungkyoung Lee and Satoko Kurita gave a great introduction to the programs. And, the event couldn't have happened without the help of ICR Manager Sharon who set up all the equipment and organized everyone's schedules.
Here's some pictures

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