Friday, March 16, 2007

Fun times at the Zoo

We're on the last day of Spring Break (not including the weekend), and now I'm playing catchup on all the work I wanted to get done. Luckily, the weather has turned cloudy, wet, and cold I don't feel so bad sitting in my chair at home with a laptop permanently cemented to my lap.

Good thing we took advantage of the good weather when it was here. Tuesday was wonderful! Sunny blue skies, with a light breeze that kept it from getting too hot. And the Indianapolis Zoo was a terrific place to take the family!

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Steven said...

Wow, you got to catch the tigers moving about! Some friends and I went earlier this week, and all the big cats (tigers, lions) were sleepy. The baboons and seals were very active though; some seals were having a battle for a spot on a rock when I saw them!