Friday, January 26, 2007

Reunions of two 80s bands in the works?

Some interesting news found on a current swing by a website I rarely visit--FMQB.

Apparently there is a very good chance that The Police and Van Halen might be (separately) planning reunions. That would be pretty interesting..especially considering what one of my favorite artists said in a recent New York Times article. Bloomington's own John Mellencamp (who, by the way, I saw coming out of the Dept. of Telecommunications the other day!!!) says that these are difficult days for "old school" rock acts like Tom Petty and himself. Wonder if Sting and Diamond Dave are counting on trying to get airplay for any new material...or will the just stick to reunion tours?

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Mad Scientist said...

I smell "GRAMMY"...either that or a reunion tour stop at the Courdelane Dog Track:)

I LOVE THE 80's!

Hope you are hanging in during the hecticness of the new semester. Talk to you soon.
Mad Scientist.