Sunday, January 28, 2007

Football Withdrawl...Getting Ready for Big Week of Hype

I love NFL football.
I love their marketing practices.
I love the Pittsburgh Steelers (the reigning Super Bowl Champions for another 6 days), because I was born in the Steel City.

And, I love watching games on Sunday afternoon.
I'll admit that I was not rabid enough of a fan to continue my subscription to the NFL Sunday Ticket on Directv...just too much to do with the kids and family to commit to so many games.

Plus, living just outside of Indianapolis means that I'm promised a competitive game on the local broadcast almost every week.

But was missing. The annual lull before the Super Bowl to remind me of how much I'll miss the NFL for the next 8 months or so.

But, for the next week this will be a GREAT place to be! Less than an hour away from Indianapolis and this place is going COLTS CRAZY. Except, for a big proportion of the Bloomington population that have been Chicago Bears fans for most of their lives.

It makes for a wondeful (and so far friendly) rivalry. And, it seems to be evenly split. I took an unscientifc poll in my T343 class last week, and was surprised to find it 15 students for the Colts and 14 for the Bears.

In our faculty hallway we have Julia Fox who has been posting Chicago Bear clippings from the Chicago Tribune all season on her office door. And RIGHT across the hallway is Andrew Weaver, who grew up in Indy and has started to fire up his own doorway propaganda machine.

Should be a great week...and then comes the games and THE COMMERCIALS.

Be sure to check back.

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