Friday, May 26, 2006

What will the salespeople do?

Summertime is traditionally a HUGE advertising season for radio stations.
This only makes sense--as radio's portability makes it a natural for people to take with them to the park, the beach, the pool, and crank up in the car while cruising.

Only trouble a 30-second advertising model this leads to HUGE commercial clutter during the summer months. In today's world, listeners get upset and head for their ipods.

What's broadcast radio to do?

Well, check out this story about WFNX in Boston.

The station still needs the revenue. But by piecing it all together selling jillions of ad units, it shoots itself in the foot. So, get ONE SPONSOR to basically be the Brand sponsor for the entire summer months.

WFNX is getting $2 million from Snapple to brandcast from Memorial Day through July 4th.
They will have Snapple mentions included as part of music bumpers, production effects, and live announcer reads.

But, as far as commercials are concerned THAT'S IT. For 40 consecutive days!

Really attractive to listeners.
No clutter for Snapple to worry about.

Great idea.

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