Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Sometimes, you just wanna find your desk

There are days whenno matter how much I've tried to schedule things, they end up being extremely hectic.
It's kind of how it has been today.
I know, I know I owe you clutter data.
And I promise to get to it as soon as I can.
But for the past two or three day is -- heck, it's probably been a longer than that -- I've been trying to clean up the pile of shown that appeared on my desktop. I don't mean computer desktop, I mean literally the wooden thing that's in my office.
Now, even though it's five o'clock, and I should be heading home, I am NOT leaving until a file everything off the top of my desk.

One cool thing though, is that I have learned that I can use the NaturallySpeaking program to blog for you while I'm cleaning my desk. Of course, I have no idea really what I'm saying while I blog. So forgive me if I've said something completely inappropriate in the lines above.

One of the reasons why it has seemed like a particularly hectic day is that I've had undergraduate students coming by to talk about their exams. They haven't even taken the exams yet the first one is tomorrow. But as always, I give the essay questions ahead of time -- a longer list from which I choose the actual questions, and ask them to prepare answers, which I will go over if they want me to. And, unlike most semesters, I must've stressed it quite a bit. The first week of school, because I had about five students take me up on. Five out of 75.


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Sam said...

But can you still see it 24 hours later?