Sunday, September 18, 2005

IU is 3 and Oh! [And some more clutter data]

What a great game!
For the first time in more than a decade, Indiana University's football team has gone 3-0!
Yesterday we crushed Kentucky 38-14 and the team looked really good. I watched it on tv--still not able to devote the time to GO to the game (however, coach Hep has certainly done a great job of firing up the campus and getting us behind the team. Maybe more on Hep's corny/gimmicky/and SUCCESSFUL marketing job later). Just can't give up watching football via TiVO! Or, anything via TiVo for that matter.

Still, congrats IU--keep defending The Rock.

Now, more from the double the units, clutter study. If you double the units in any given stop set, what will happen to the attitudes listeners have toward the stations that play them? That's one of the things we looked at in this study. Recall from yesterday, subjects were invited to the lab and told they were going to evaluate two radio stations from different cities. In a within-subjects design (where each subject listened to both stations), subjects gave their attitudes toward one station that had a commercial break with 10, 30-second ads and another that had 5, 60-second ads. After they heard each station, they told us about their attitudes toward the stations. Attitudes were collected on a lot of different attributes (i.e., music choice, slogan, and several questions about the commercial breaks) so that the subjects did not know we were mainly interested in attitudes toward ad breaks.

And, we hypothesized that the attitudes would suffer when the 5-minutes of ads were filled with the 10 30s than the 5 60s. And, we found just that. check it out!

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