Saturday, September 10, 2005

Listen to Ted Castronova on On the Media

Three posts in one day!
One morning, even!
Luckily, I'm not still trying to warm up for my academic writing--I actually did some of that this morning. One of my favorite radio shows has been NPR's On the Media. The hosts do a good job of taking a watchdog role in this wacky business while also keeping the fact that it is a business firmly in mind as they even occassionally defend media practices from unworthy criticism. Unfortunately, I have not been able to fit it into my schedule recently. . .lucky for the word of podcasting, which I just pieced together with my scheduling conflicts.

You can now download OTM from their website and listen to it at your convenience.

May I suggest that you start with this episode where you not only can you find an interesting history on the world of fantasy sports leagues (wouldn't that whole phenomenon make a great topic for a class? After all, it's dependent on media to such a huge extent!) but you can also hear an interview with my colleague Ted Castronova.

Ted is a great guy, the Director of Graduate Studies in the Dept. of Telecomm., but also a researcher in a fantastic and interesting area. An economist by training, he has applied classic economic theory to the fact that people are creating value in online worlds--creating characters, playing the game so that they have more experience, gold pieces, armor, whatever. . . I don't play these things! But, then these characters can be (and are) sold for actual $$, mostly on Ebay.

Seriously, check out the interview that Brooke Gladstone conducts with Ted. It's the last interview in that episode.

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Glenn said...

FYI, Richard Lomax at UA is supposed to have a chapter on fantasy sports in the Raney and Bryant handbook, although I don't know anything about it. You ever been to his office? He's a sports nut, which I wouldn't expect.