Monday, September 26, 2005

Hey, it's Monday, and I've found time to blog

But, mainly it's because I'm exhausted from working on this manuscript I'm writing. The darn thing has taken so long to get finished. It's a revise and resubmit--and I'm just about done with it. For those of you who are not academics, R&R is part of the process that we go through called "peer review." Most academic research is sent to "peer-reviewed journals" where an editor sends it out to between 2-4 reviewers without the authors name attached. The reviewers, who are also "blind' meaning I don't know who they are, will critique the ariticle and either a) reject it [gasp], b) accept it pending minor revisions [rarely happens], c) as for major revisions and for the newly-revised manuscript to be re-submitted for another round of review.

I remember when I was a grad student, hearing with utter disbelief when I heard how it would take years for profs to get their research through the publishing pipeline. Now, granted, with this particular study that I'm trying to wrap up--there were delays because all 4 of the authors involved had major moves to different universities during the process. And, I'm pretty sure that 3 of us had babies along the way as well. But, all told, this process has taken 3 years!! Yuck.

Still, the process of peer-review and R&R is a good one. My reaction is always initially the same: "These reviewers are SO STUPID! Why are they asking for these changes." But, I have yet to revise a paper that was later accepted for publication which was not MARKEDLY better than the version I submitted. Hard for the ego to admit, but true nevertheless.

So, I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to get this thing done and sent off today, but after waking up at 5am to work on it and then going full steam with teaching today, I just ran out of steam around 3:45. Now, I'm afraid I can't bear to approach it tnight, either. Which---is why I'm blogging!!

Tomorrow morning, perhaps, it will get done.

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