Saturday, September 10, 2005

Early morning writing

Well the brown bag went well.

My thanks to an anonymous "The Audio Prof" blog reader who noticed that I have the room number wrong for the T600. If you want to drop by in the future, telecommunication brown bags are Fridays beginning at 12:30 in room 226 of the RTV building.

Later this weekend, I will share a little bit of the data that I presented. Right now I'm just basically writing a quick little posting, to see if my Dragon NaturallySpeaking works on my back porch. It's pretty early on a Saturday morning, and I've got some writing to do on paper that is in revise and resubmit mode of the Journal of Advertising. It's a paper I'm writing with Michael Latour of UNLV, and I'm only about a month late getting back to him. Make that almost 2 months!

So, I promise that I would get it to him Wednesday. And as a result, I'm up early on a Saturday morning, sitting on my back porch trying to see if my microphone works as well here as it does me office. So far, it seems to be pretty good. He gets a little less accurate with the neighbors air-conditioning and kicks on.

Don't try to get some work done before the kids get up, and I'll "talk" to you later on this weekend.

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IUAngelini said...

I didn't think my posting was anonymous. I figured my username would give me away. :)

And I definitely listened to much more of your brownbag then I did reading my paper on feminist theory. Good job Rob!