Monday, August 08, 2005

Back to Life?

Had my first lab meeting after getting back from the travels today.
While it was good to be back, there is also a part of me that doesn't quite want to get up to speed. Still, I made a decision while I was on the road to take better notes about ALL that is going on in the lab. . .so that I'm better able to understand everyone else's work myself, plus better represent what the ICR is doing.

And, I'm glad to say tha I was successful in doing so. . . .at least today, and hope to make a habit of it in lab meetings to come this year.

In the "jazz station" posting below I mentioned Marvin Smith of Eastern Washington Unversity. I sent him an email linking him to the posting and he sent me a very nice reply saying that IU was doing very good work- which made me happy.

Sorry to read that Peter Jennings died yesterday.
In the 'bad timing' department, my daily briefing-type of email from Broadcasting & Cable today linked to this article under the Headline "Happy 67th Birthday Peter Jennings."

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