Friday, October 10, 2008

International Visitors to the ICR

Another exciting day in the ICR. I'm just back from my favorite conference, SPR. Sorry to not have blogged from there, just so busy seeing extremely interesting research! In fact, I told my colleague, Paul Bolls, that I was leaving with terrific ideas...and 11 articles that I just HAVE to read!

The conference was held in Austin TX, which I didn't find very interesting. But, the day afterwards I visited my aunt & uncle who live in San Antonio. Here's proof...a picture of me in front of a closed Alamo!

So, now I'm back and happy to have a weekend that is pretty lazy to allow me to catch up on stuff. This past week, though, we were fortunate enough to be visited by a group of 5 professors from National Chengchi University in Taiwan. They are interested in designing a research facility and wanted to see what the ICR was all about. So, with the help of several graduate students, Annie Lang, Walt Gantz, Sharon Mayell (the ICR Lab Manager) and I showed:

Dr.Wei Wen, Chung, Dean of Communication College
Dr. Herng, Su, Chair of Journalism Dept.
Dr. Shang Ren, Kwan, Chair of Radio & TV Dept.
Dr. Tsai Yen, Li, Chair of Information Science Dept.
Dr. Pao Fang, Chang, Associate Professor of Journalism Dept.

some of the types of studies that we can do in the facility.

Here's Sungkyoung Lee talking about one of the studies:

And Annie explaining the importance of understanding context when interpreting psychophysiological measures:

It was a very pleasant visit and I was very proud to show off the ICR.

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