Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Whoa! Did you See That?!!!?

That's what I heard in 2004 during the SuperBowl Halftime show. I was at the home of a colleague, who was (is) a big Philadelphia Eagles fan and therefore hosting at Superbowl party. Not being a fan of Janet Jackson or Justin Timberlake, I was using the halftime as a way to go into the other room and sample the great guacamole that someone brought.

That's when "it" happened. The famous wardrobe malfunction . An event which sent the industry into a tailspin of wondering to what extent stations were responsible for the contents of live events. And an FCC fine of CBS-owned stations led to a creative chilling effect and had an indirect impact on Network/Affiliate relations...something we discuss in T344.

Yesterday, that fine was thrown out by the Third Circuit Court of Appeals.

Read all about it

And, today, the FCC responds saying they didn't think it was arbitrary.
Read the response from the FCC Chairman Martin.


Samuel D. Bradley said...

Yeah, by the way.

Arbitrary actions by the FCC not cool. There's some hope for us yet.

Rob said...

The FCC doesn't agree...check this out.