Friday, June 06, 2008

FOUR doctors in the house

Congratulations to Dr. Narine Yegiyan who today successfully defended her dissertation entitled

Experimental investigation of resource allocation and memory for central and
peripheral detail as a function of motivational activation

One of the key tenets of her disseratation was the dual-motivation systems concept which suggests that human beings have an "approach" (appetitive) system and an "avoid" (aversive) system, each of which act in different ways.

After her defense, Dr. Yegiyan presented members of her committee with T-shirts that had a well-known (at least to us) graphical representation of the activation fuctions of the appetitive and aversive systems.

Here's a picture of Drs. Yegiyan, Grabe, Potter & Lang (the latter 3 proudly wearing their new shirts).

Narine begins her new position as an Assistant Professor at UC Davis in the Fall.

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