Sunday, April 06, 2008

Bad Guys Music and Good Guys Music

So, my son is all about computer/video games now. Of course, he's only I know this is likely to be the beginning of many years to come. With a recent visit from Grandma and Grandpa came a Star Wars game that can plug into our TV set.

It's a great game...once we established the 15-minute-a-day-per-kid rule.

Even I like to play it.

Pause to let that sink in to you.

The other day was a son & dad day in our house for who knows what reason.
We were sitting at our dining room table eating lunch.
As usual, he starts telling me about the latest level he's on...he's up to level 4, he says with some pride.

Then he says, "You know dad, when the bad guys are on the screen you hear... dun, dun, du-dun, du, du-dun, du, du-dun..."

"But, when you hear the good guys it's du-du-du-dum du, du-du-du-dum-du, du-du-du-du."

You know the tunes.

Then he pauses for a few seconds and says "And guess what, the good guys' notes are always high notes and the bad guys' notes are always low notes."

They learn that music literacy pretty early.

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Samuel D. Bradley said...

15 minutes a day? You are a tyrant!