Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Another great year for IU Telecomm @ ICA

One of my favorite academic associations is the International Communications Association.

Luckily, I belong to a Department that not only values participation in ICA, but is filled with people who do great work. Check out this press release:

March, 2007 - Two Top Paper Awards Among Seventeen Departmental Papers Accepted for Presentation at International Communications Association Annual Meeting in Montreal, May 22-26.

Information Systems Division
Top Paper Award:
Zheng Wang, Annie Lang & Jerome Busemeyer-- Motivational Processing and Choice Behavior during Television Viewing: An Integrative Dynamic Approach.

Ted Castronova--A Virtual World Experimental Test of the Law of Demand

Seth Finn, Robert F. Potter & Sungkyoung Lee--Every Word Matters: Correlating Word Information Value In Persuasive Messages with Physiological Arousal Responses.

Satoko Kurita, Sungkyoung Lee, Zheng Wang & Annie Lang --How much is too much?: Media Structure, Content, and Cognitive Load, and Overload

Robert F. Potter, Annie Lang, Josh Brown, Rena Fukunaga & Adam Krawitz-- Brain Activation During Risk: The Influence of Trait Motivation on ACC Activation During Choice and Consequence.

Robert F. Potter, Paul D. Bolls, Jacob Koruth, Kevin Wise, Rachel Bailey & Annie Lang--Heart Rate Variability Analysis Suggests a Reinterpretation of Cardiac Responses During Media Messages.

P.G. Nadorff, Sungkyoung Lee, Brian Wilson, Annie Lang, Bernice Pescosolido & Jack Martin-- Mass Media and Stigma: How portrayals of mental illness impact social stigma.

Andrew Weaver, Soyoung Bae & Robert F. Potter--Physiological Responses to Manipulation of Violence in a Primetime Drama.

Brian Wilson & Julia R. Fox-- Exploring the Effects of Audience Laughter on Information Processing

Narine S. Yegiyan, Brian D. Wilson, Ya Gao, Sharon Mayell, Zheng Joyce Wang & Annie Lang-- Approach? Avoid? Both? Processing Coactive Motivational Media Messages

Game Studies Division
Top Paper Award:
Chase Bowen Martin & Mark Deuze-- The Independent Production of Culture: A Digital Games Case Study

Law & Policy Division
Xiaofei Wang & David Waterman -- The Economics of Foreign Language Media in the U.S.: An Empirical Study of Radio Markets

Mass Communication Division
Betsi Grabe & Erik P. Bucy-- The struggle for control: Visual framing, news coverage, and image handling of presidential candidates, 1992-2004.

Betsi Grabe, Narine Yegiyan & Rasha Kamhawi-- Experimental evidence of the knowledge gap: Message arousal, motivation, and time delay.

Sojung C. Kim & Erik P. Bucy-- International Crisis News and the Evaluation of Threat: Viewer Responses to News Coverage of the North Korean Nuclear Test

Global Communication and Social Change Division
Enyonam Osei-Hwere & Patrick Osei-Hwere -- Nollywood: A multilevel analysis of the international flow of Nigerian video films.

Journalism Studies Division
Mark Deuze-- The Media Logic of Journalism

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