Saturday, October 27, 2007

More Pics from Savannah

Upon arriving in Savannah for the SPR conference, everyone kept telling me how much they loved the city. However, I wasn't taken with it. It seemed just old...and smelly...kinda like I felt about New Orleans when I visited it pre-Katrina.

But, it turned out that this impression was only of the streets near the Hyatt where we were staying. On Friday afternoon I went out walking with Yuki Fujioka, a friend and colleague on faculty at Georgia State University. And, what I found was a beautiful town...I found what everyone loved about the place. Fountains:

Architecture and wroght iron:

And of course the squares.

Although, technically, these next two pictures were not taken in one of these. It was taken in Forsyth Park. Which was hosting some sort of wonderful outdoor art show. Paintings like these were all over the place...there were about 30 of them and all really beautiful.

And, there was the impressive Forsyth Park Fountain.

Next report from SPR, I'll give a summary or two of research posters.

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