Friday, June 01, 2007

ICA=Hooray, San Fran=Yuck

Over the Memorial Day Weekend I hit the road...traveling to San Francisco for the annual conference of the International Communication Association. ICA is, by far, my favorite communication-related academic conference. The research being done is of high quality and that stimulates me to go back to my lab and continue my work. I must say, however, that this year I seemed to be much more focused on re-connecting with friends and former students and meeting new people (including a faculty member from Virginia Tech who told me he is an occassional Audio Prof reader!).

Here are some pictures of a bunch of us out for dinner at a place called Calzone's.

And when I say a bunch, I mean 15!!

Now, San Francisco is not one of my favorite cities. It's ALWAYS COLD THERE and seems pretty dirty and smelly to me. But, here's a few required shots of of a cable car and me riding on it (thanks to Johnny Sparks for letting me borrow the transit pass!)

Now, I look like I gained about 25 pounds by eating at Calzone's prior to taking this ride...
Not so. I just had to have on about 14 layers of clothing...did I mention that it was cold there.
Anyway, back home again in Indiana, and off to teach my summer school class.


IUAngelini said...

Dirty and Smelly?

Ugh! Too bad you missed the charms of a great city.

James D. Ivory said...

While doing some Friday afternoon browsing of a few of my regular sites, I was chuffed to see a mention in The Audio Prof--I'll be strutting my fame a bit today here in Blacksburg!

Good to have a visit with you in California, and I'll hope to get to talk with you again soon.


Samuel D. Bradley said...

I especially love that there is a clear shot of my plate covered with uneaten tomatoes -- the satan fruit.