Sunday, May 06, 2007

Another semester "in the books"

Man, one of the worst parts of my job has to be grading!
Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those who thinks that it's wrong to assign value to work or that judging the products my students turn in somehow inhibits their growth. Honest, constructive evaluation and criticism is good, helpful, and important.

It's just that grading takes so darn long....

And, this semester I had a "new prep." That is, a course I had never taught before. It's the Electronic Media Sales course.

Everything takes longer with a new prep. Preparing the lectures takes longer. Coming up with assignments takes longer. Tests...longer.

All year long I factored that in to my allocation of time.

Except, for some reason, I forgot that grading their final projects would take TIME.

And boy did it. I've been working on them all day. But, now I'm done. Grades are posted. And, in honor of my "new prep" class teaching (to the best of my abilities) techniques in the craft of salespersonship...Here is something from Speed Bump:

Oh, and I should give credit to (now IU PhD graduate!!!!) James Angelini for the idea of posting comics that I find applicable on The Audio Prof Blog.

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