Wednesday, January 17, 2007

New Coke Ad--Grand Theft Auto...Creativity that beats TivO

Okay, first comment.
I'm glad that American Idol is back...and I'm not ashamed to admit it.
Secondly, while I was watching the show last night I saw this Coke commercial.
Now, I've never played Grand Theft Auto...the computer/video game.
I likely never will.
But, I KNOW enough about it to know that this is one heck of a creative concept.
Hit the 'rewind' button on my remote several times to watch it again and again.
Called my wife's attention to it. She didn't recognize the main character...but the moment I told her it was "that guy from Grand Theft Auto" she got it as well.

Then we both watched it twice.
Today, I Googled it and searched for it on YouTube.

In my advertising/sales-related classes we often discuss how to combat technology that allows people to actively avoid commercials. Great creative like this...creative that almost demands to be watched again and again...talked about...blogged about....that how you do it.

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