Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Publicly called out

Usually my friend (and IU Telecomm. alum) Sam Bradley emails me personally when he thinks it's been too long since I've posted to my blog. Then, I feel guilty and start posting again for a few days...only to then be inundated by the tasks in my life and once again begin slacking off.

Sam tells me that his ability to update his blog regularly comes from his past experience as a newspaper reporter...where he had to write daily whether he wanted to or not.

I have never worked as a writer...that is, at a job where my entire expectation was to produce written text...and therefore the discipline to write on the blog daily is absent. Heck, the discipline to write on my research for publication is missing!

But, this time Sam has announced his desire for more content to the world!

And, he's right. I should post more because I do know that people are reading this. They comment to me in passing here at IU Telecomm. with topics I have posted. Or someone who I wouldn't expect it from calls me "The Audio Prof".

And, I have plenty of stuff that I want to write about, too.

So, for Sam who wants personal stuff--
Today I spent the morning in my son's preschool class. Although I sometimes initially begrudge the time that his school makes us donate (3 periods a semester) to being parent volunteers...all that disappears when I actually get in there and see all the curiosity and wonder that these 3-4 year olds have. Max and I played with rubber bugs in the red sand the teachers had put in the sand table. Of course...the sand was only red to me. Each time I called it red sand, a different pre-schooler corrected me with ANOTHER color ("no, it's orange sand" said one boy early on; later in the morning, Max said "no, the sand is brown."; even later still when I called it red sand...I was corrected yet again by a boy who said it was 'shiny brown').

Max and I also played with magnets and had a wonderful time together preparing the snack for the students while they were outside.

Now, for those of you who want industry stuff, check out this service which I first learned about at Mark Ramsey's blog .

Radio Sherpa is a peek at what is happening in Boston radio.
Want to know what's on the air at the country station? Just scroll across the simulated dial. Then, if you like what you see click on it and go to the web stream of the station.
As far as I can tell, it's not real-time updated yet...but might be soon.

A very interesting idea that apparently they want to spread it to more cities than just Boston .

See it here:


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Sam said...

Great post, Rob. I miss volunteering in the classroom. I have no idea what my kids do now. It makes me feel guilty. But it's a lot of time. And there's that publication pressure. Ugh.