Monday, December 11, 2006

I love Tivo

As the holidays approach, I'm reminded of the wonderful Christmas gift my inlaws gave me several years ago...a Tivo system

I never miss a program I want to see. I can indulge "binges" when I want to satisfy a Law and Order fix, I just tell it to record that show whenever it's on.

And, I like the fact that I can fast forward. Fast forward past replays and stupid stats that the NFL networks have to show me while the teams get set for the next play. And yes, I love to skip past commercials. There are occassionally ones that I will stop for (although doing so drives my wife crazy). The Aflac duck is one that my kids make me watch over and over. I like the Radio Shack 'red chair' ad where the guy admits to his girlfriend that he doesn't have a clue about all the cell phone plans and features ("What exactly is blue tooth?").

This morning I read this article, though, which makes me realize that I wouldn't want to be TIVO's CEO.

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