Thursday, November 02, 2006

More Pictures from the SPR conference

I have now come back to Bloomington and spent the most of today catching up from the post-conference backlog. Still, I had a GREAT time at the SPR conference with lots of interesting research talked about (and heard about) that I hope to be able write about in the next few days...but for now, here are some pictures.

Here is doctoral candidate Narine Yeagian talking to a researcher from Colorado State University about Negativity Bias.

Texas Tech's Sam Bradley takes a picture of

University of Missouri's Glenn Leshner and some of his graduate students discuss their research poster

And here's the whole gang...or most of them anyway. Julie Fox, Sam, Mija Shin, Narine, me, James Angelini, and Seungjo Lee:

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Byungho Park said...

Thanks for the pix! Aaah, I miss you and the gang. I should send in a presentation proposal to SPR next year.
Comment posted by Byungho, "Sleepless in Singapore" (it's 5:53am here)