Monday, October 09, 2006

Julia Fox finds 'The Daily Show' Just Like Network News--Only Funnier

Congratulations to my colleague Julia Fox who recently had a piece accepted for publication in the Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media entitled "No Joke: A Comparison of Substance in The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and Broadcast Network Television Coverage of the 2004 Presidential Election Campaign."

This study, a content analysis of nightlynewscasts from randomly selected days in July, August, and September of 2004--along with episodes of the comedy show "The Daily Show" and found that the comedy central show--hosted by John Stewart--was just as substanitive on the issues!

I'll let Julie discuss more of the details of the can email her.

But, you may have trouble getting a response the press has been innundating her with requests for about a week now.

Check out what a quick scan of the search terms "Julia Fox and The Daily Show" resulted on blogs alone:


TV Squad

Poynter Online

Pensito Review

1010 WINS (CBS radio O&O in New York City)

Congrats, Julia!

Just another sign that great work is being done at IU Dept. of Telecommunications.


Glenn said...

FYI, it was posted on a favorite blog of mine,, last week. You'll have to forgive them for getting IU's name wrong though.

theaudioprof said...

And, apparently, will be featured on the MSNBC show Scarburogh County