Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Need to relax? Great Ad Campaign and One needed (by me)!

I thank all those who contacted me by email checking to see when new content would be added to "The Audio Prof." I did take a very extended period off from posting because I was putting together my tenure dossier--a huge undertaking as I go through this right of passage in the academic career. Tenure is philosophically a time for the candidate to look back on their body of work. Usually a 7-8 year time span, including the work the scholar did in graduate school. Although in my case, due to my move from the University of Alabama to IU, it was more like 9-10 years. Tenure is physically collecting every publication, every syllabi, every email comment from a student saying they liked your class, every bit of documentation for departmental/university/national committee you've served on and putting them in 3-ring binders. Then, you have to write a paper describing yourself--who you are and why you do the work you do.

I'm glad I did it and glad it's MOSTLY done. The tenured faculty of my department have the dossier now...and they will vote on my case sometime in the next couple of weeks. I'll keep you posted. But I also have been stockpiling things to blog about...including this very neet promotional campaign from Westin Hotels. It's a chance for you to make your own virtual Zen Garden.

You can do it online or even download it to the desktop...something I'm very thankful I did BEFORE beginning to compile my dossier documents.

More later...

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