Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Undergrads' Enthusiasm Sparked Every Day

A lot of my blogging is about graduate students...the work they are doing in the ICR, etc. But its always great to remind myself of just how many outstanding undergrads we have here as well.

Case in point...about two weeks ago the faculty received an email from Legene White, our Director of Alumni Relations, telling us that the IU Alumni Association (IUAA) had adopted the Flash programming work of one of our undergrads--Leigh Boje--for the opening page of the Homecoming Website.

Originally, I was going to blog about it...include a link to it (here it is) and just say "Hooray Leigh".

But, then I emailed Legene to share the idea with her and hopefully find out more about Leigh.

Legene said "why don't you email her and ask her about her impressions on the department."

I did, and here's the reply she sent:

  • I getting ready for my last year at IU and I guess my offical focus in Telecom is Design and Production, but I've taken lots of Industry and Management classes and a couple Media and Society.

    I got interested in web design after taking Norbert Herber's T284(Intro to Interactive Media) class. I then took his T361(Interactive Transmedia Design) class learning Flash and that is what led to this opportunity for me. I also created the new MultiVisions website this past spring using what Norbert has taught me.

    I've learned a lot about computers since I've been in college. I've taken Java programming classes through the Computer Science department, I researched on my own and built my own computer "from scratch", and now I will be learning about more web scripts when I take A348(Computer Science class, Mastering the World Wide Web).

    I really enjoy interactive media, especially the web and video games, and hope to have a job in either eventually.
What a great testament to Norbert!

And, Leigh's responses show how enthusiams for creation and learning are sparked every semester here in IU Telecomm.

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