Monday, May 01, 2006

Like oil and water: Stern and Religious Broadcasters

It's finals week here at Inidiana University.
And, on top of it, there are a lot of research deadlines due.

So, things may be quiet from The Audio Prof for a while.
But, I'll try to point you in directions of interesting articles that I find every morning as I surf the web in preparation for work.

Here's one from several places, including the Baltimore Sun

Seems that due to faulty Sirius Sattelite receivers in cars--that turn them into momentary TRANSMITTERS at low FM band frequencies--cars that pass by these rogue transmitters hear the Sirius signal in their FM radio.

And..what is usually at the far left end of the FM band in most cities. Fundamental religious broadcasters...the audience for which is exactly those who would be most offended by Stern and his antics.

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Sam said...

Seiously, finals week already? Now is my payback for that time in September when you thought our classes would never begin. I am just past the mid-way point of the quarter. Heavy sigh!