Saturday, April 15, 2006

Even though I'm busy--it's a great profession

Again, more than a week pasts between posts.
Sorry, but things have been so darn hectic--even with my 8-week course now behind me.
In T503 , the Telecommunications Theory course the grad students are starting to turn in drafts of their term papers and...of course I promised them feedback.

And I've got two students with Master's thesis proposals on my desk.
The deadline for submitting revised papers to ICA (The International Communication Association) is April 30th...and I've got to revise three of them by that time--including one for which the data analysis is not even complete!

That same weekend is the deadline for abstract submission to the Society for Psychophysiological Research...and although the abstracts are not as daunting to write as full papers, I still have to do it.

And between now and the April 30th/May 1st double-deadline, several of us from the ICR will be attending the Kentucky Conference on Health Communication to present some research.

And, on top of it all, this week begins the official journey through the maze that academics call "the tenure process." More on that later, I'm sure.

Whew! Lots to do!

But, amidst the headaches and the presures, I found this article last week from Money Magazine, saying that College Professors have the 2nd best job in America.

Too true. Headaches, pressure, tenure clock, all true and all present. But, I get to interact with graduate students who are really interested in pursuing questions of interest to them...and undergrads who are eager to figure out what they'll be doing with their lives. Right now I'm working (okay, right now I'm writing in my blog, but I'm soon to be working) while sitting on my couch...and I can work at home for most of the day---and it's entirely on stuff that interest me.


Yongkuk said...


I am glad that you have still managed your blog so that I can visualize what you're doing there even thousand miles away. Although the visualization didn't make me think you are all happy, I am sure that your will be just fine after the end of this month. That's the nature of our business, isn't?
So due-dependent life...

I hope that you are not drawning in your work and will come back more often. Bye.

ABD-to-be-hopefully said...

You did not count the T540 I'm turning in tomorrow yet! :P
My best wishes for everything.
(This month is tough for me too. I've never worked so hard in my life...Whew~ )

So glad to see Yongkuk just visit. Hello, Yongkuk.